A m p h i b i o u s   P o o l s

                                         S U I T E D  F O R  L A N D  +  W A T E R 





    AMPHIBIOUS POOLS comes from my service in the USMC when I served in Amphibious Reconnaissance from 1987-1995. Playing off the definition, it was only fitting as we Build (on the land) and Maintain (being the water chemistry).  After the Military and Hurricane Fran swept through Eastern North Carolina in 1996’ is when I found myself in the Pool Industry cleaning up the debris in and around residential and commercial pools & spas. I then decided to open my own company  as “The Pool Guy” which suited me just perfect, since that’s how my clients referred to me as. After 4 years...

    I then moved back to my stomping grounds of Canton OH and ran the #1 Abercrombie and Fitch retail store in Columbus for several years before I realized my passion for the pool industry and living by the beach was something I missed. I moved back to Wilmington and worked as a Project Manager / Builder for two major pool companies for nearly 14 years. Now, with my knowledge and experience in all aspects of this industry my wife and I opened Amphibious Pools in Jan 2010 offering a full service company.

     Amphibious Pools is based in Wilmington, NC and services all surrounding counties. We value our clients and know that customer service, knowledge of  products, work ethic and experience in the field is so imperative. Not having the overhead of a retail store we can offer you a much better price with guaranteeing our work.

    We understand that the internet has changed the way people research and shop for the items they are looking for. We feel as though educating the consumer and building relationships is what is far more important. We know that if we make enough information available to you from the comfort of your home there would be no reason to have to go to a store or shop online.

    It doesn’t matter how much money you save, you should not make such a large investment unless you are completely comfortable and can have trust in a company that can deliver exactly what you want, on time and to your satisfaction. We look forward to building new relationships as well as continuing to bring our knowledge and experience to make your dreams come true.

    MICHAEL EVANS / Veteran Owned + Operated Since 2010’